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get the most out of your blanket!

Lofting Instructions

The extreme compressible quality of genuine down insulation allows your blanket to pack down super small. Please note that when you initially remove the blanket from its stuff sack after storage, it will appear thin and compressed. But not to worry!

Step 1 - Take it out 

Remove your blanket from it's stuff sack.  It may appear a little flat, but don't worry! 

Step 2 - Shake it OUT 

Give the blanket several shakes. This will begin the process of allowing air to makes it way back into down, restoring its unbeatable insulating qualities . 

Step 3 - Let it Puff! 

Allow some time for the down to regain it full loft and poofy-ness. The more you use it, the loftier it will get!

* Bonus tip - If you're one for immediate gratification, just throw your blanket in the dryer on low heat for a few minutes and it will puff back up right away.

Helpful Tips / Tricks


 When you are ready to go hands free, button up the three snaps in front and BOOM, your good to go!


Those snaps you just used for poncho mode... Yeah, they can also be used to connect two blankets together.  Try it next time you're ready to snuggle.  

 care Instructions

Machine wash cold using front load or non-agitator washer (so it doesn't get wrapped up). Tumble dry on low heat.  Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean. .

Long Term Storage

For long term storage, we suggest hanging the blanket by its loops to retain the maximum insulating qualities of the down.


Light Weight

At only 1lb 1oz, take it with oyu whenever you need comfort and warmth.


650 fill down insulation compresses easily for maximum packability. 

Machine Washable

Machine wash as needed. Machine wash cold separately. Do not Bleach. Line Dry or tumble low. Do not Iron or dry clean. 


Tough 20D ripstop nylon shell resist dirt, sand, and pet hair. 

Water Resistant  (not water proof)

A (DWR) Durable Water Repellant finish protects from spill and weather.


Premium snaps convert your blanket into a poncho to trip in warmth and allow hands free use

Still have questions? Email and we'll assist!

refund policy 

We're confident you'll love what you order, but if you're unhappy for any reason - whether it an issue with the product or just a change of heart - just send the product back to us and we'll make it right. Email us at

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