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frequent Questions and answers

What temperature rating is it?

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In conjunction with an underquilt or sleeping pad, the blanket provides a nice ultralight option down to 45 degrees. It can also be used to supplement an existing sleep system, adding an additional 15 degrees of warmth. Thanks so much for your question!

How compact can this pack in its' stuff sack?

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The dimensions when packed in the stuff sack are 5 inches in diameter x 12 inches long.

Is this blanket washable?

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Yes! It washes up beautifully. Just wash on gentle cycle in cold water and tumble dry on low heat or line dry. If using a top load machine with center agitator, check midway to make sure it's not getting wrapped up. Avoid any bleach or fabric softeners and you'll be good to go!

How should I store it?

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For long-term storage we recommend hanging your blanket in a cool dry place from the built-in loops, or leaving it in a large sack where the down insulation can remain uncompressed.

Can I use this on a plane?

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It's perfect for the plane! We used it on an 11 hour flight to France and it was large enough to keep both of us warm. The clasp allows you to hook to your carry on bag. It also stuffs quickly and easily back into the sack when you're ready to disembark. We also used it in the park as a picnic blanket which worked out great.

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